Mairi Moon, Woman With Wings

My son, Xaq, gave me this Blog for Christmas in 2003. He wrote at the top of the opening page, "You are my favorite mommy, and I think the entire internet should know just how cool you are. So here is your very own blog, so you can spread your love like peanut butter. Not too much peanut butter, though. I like jelly better." So this is me, Mairi Moon, Woman With Wings, spreading my love like peanut butter, with lots of jelly.

Monday, November 15, 2004

It's All For the Breast...

OK, I have to tell a great story: Sarah (14) came home and complained that her science teacher was telling her class that she breastfed her child until he was almost 4 years old, and that the class thought that was really gross, and that she wracked her brain for some breastfeeding info and was able to come up with, "well, breastfeeding helps prevent breast cancer, and it makes the baby really smart," but was frustrated that she couldn't come up with more factoids. I said, "well, honey, if you like you can tell your teacher that your mom is a midwife, and would be glad to come and tell the class about the benefits of human milk for 10 or 15 mintues," to which she replied, "yeah, Mom, no thanks, I'd like not to kill my social life." I started to protest that breastfeeding was important, and the pharmaceutical-company-led media discourage it, etc., and she said, "Mom, you don't need to worry about me..." and I said, "I don't?" and she said, "No, Mom, I'm gonna nurse my babies until they say, 'Mother, please, get your freakin' boob out of my face!"

I'm just so proud of my baby! Just goes to show you...they do what you do, and sometimes what you say, too!

So this is me, Mairi Moon, woman with wings, trying not to think of my fourteen-year-old having babies, but being comforted by the fact that when she does, she will feed her baby nature's best, reduce her chance of breast cancer, and make her baby smarter!